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Car of the Month May 2006 belongs to Daniel Moore from the UK.

The beginning My interest in Volvo started a good 12 years ago. I was always aware that Volvo’s were renowned for being big, square and visually un-attractive cars. I always remember Volvo’s being laughed at, or the focal point of many jokes. I didn’t really have my own opinion as I was only 12 years old, and I was more than impressed with our ‘V’ reg 2.0 Vauxhall Cavalier. My Dad was promoted at work, and we acquired a metallic black 1990 440 Turbo. It was an awesome car, and from that day onwards, my interest in Volvo’s had started.

I started off with a 440 GLEi-a massive step up from my Ford Escort. I had this for about a year, then moved to a face lifted 440 2.0i. My Dad also got a new car during this period, which happened to be an immaculate 1991 480 Turbo in Paris Blue. I loved my 440, spent a lot of money on alloys, stereo etc, but after seeing the 480 Turbo, I was slowly pining for one of my own. During September ’05, I bit the bullet and decided to sell my 440. It sold for a reasonable sum on the 9/9/05, exactly 3 years to that day that I bought it (9/9/02-spooky!).

Buying her

I was now looking for a 480 Turbo. A lot of the members on the forum congratulated me, convincing me that I needed a 480 all along, and they in turn, helped me scout the ads all over the country for a Turbo. As helpful as they were however, I didn’t really find one that I liked. Then one afternoon I was just flicking through the official Volvo Owners Club magazine, when in the back I saw a white 1993 480 Turbo. It was 40 miles from me, had only covered 77k, so my Dad and me went over. It looked very clean, mechanically seemed ok and had been garaged the last year covering a meagre 2329 miles. It had a wallet full of receipts with a full service history, recent service, clutch, cam belt change, and had new front and rear clusters-and all within the last 6 months. The deal was done; I parted with my hard earned and drove home with a 239 white 480 Turbo.


Grinning from ear to ear, I got her home and have given her nothing but TLC ever since. There have been a few mechanical problems that have really tried my patience (mainly due to the fact the seller had been dishonest), but that hasn’t made me regret buying the car one little bit. She has come to a good home and she will be looked after. I have a few plans for it, but only subtle modifications-an uprated subtle stereo system would be nice, the infamous Richard Pruen ECU mod and maybe better brakes to help me stop quicker! It doesn’t need anymore than that. I have already added a Jacquard interior with custom trimmed leather door cards, custom made iPod holder in centre console and clear front indicators. Got a nice Alpine iPod headunit, a very sought after Digital clock (neither pictured-no up-to-date pictures!), dampened ash tray, clear repeaters and reflectors courtesy of Bjorn, and recently lowered her myself on a set of KYB 40mm springs.

Some thoughts

People do say that for a 1.7 Turbo, 120bhp isn’t all that great-but it’s a smooth, comfortable ride-with ample power for the time being. You can balance out the ‘lack of power’ with the fact it’s a well made car, with some nifty gadgets and still going strong (touchwood!) at 12 years old. Plus, it’s still a head turner-even more so now that they are being dubbed as ‘Future classics’.

The forum is a valuable source of information-I have learnt a lot from it, and saved a few £’s already. The members on there are a good laugh-they’re a harmless bunch who just share the same enthusiasm for the 480. I’m hoping to get to a few meets this year and meet a few now I have a 480, and prove to them that White is definitely the new black…;)

And this is her!

Some photos

Daniel Moore, member 2322