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Privacy statement

We, the Volvo 480 Club Europe, value your privacy and want to inform you how we treat your personal information.

  • Only the Volvo 480 Club Europe collects your information
  • We gather only the information you enter during registration, this can be name, date of birth, address data and (of course) information on your Volvo 480
  • The legal basis for this information is that all information is provided by the member and maintainable by that member
  • We do not share the information with third parties, we could send you an e-mail to inform you about activities by a third party if this is related to the Volvo 480 Club Europe or the Volvo 480
  • Your personal data is used to be able to reach out to you about events, and to display statistics on the Volvo 480 ownership across Europe
  • The data is stored until deleted
  • A member can always unregister, from that moment on he will no longer receive newsletters
  • A member not agreeing with the policy can make a complaint or choose to unregister

The goal of the club is to share knowledge on the Volvo 480, not to harvest personal information for third parties. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us.