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Car of the Month April 2004 belongs to Patrick Pangratz, member 0736.

What is the Volvo 480 for me?

Hi everyone! My name is Patrick Pangratz and I come from a small village next to Vienna in Austria. I have always been interested in cars, especially Volvos. Maybe itís because my family drives them since 1981 and I always wanted to have my own. After my first car, a 1984 Nissan Sunny Coupe I got a 1989 440 GLT which has now 260000 km and still runs as my winter car.

Some details of my 1992 Turbo.

  • My 1st 480 after my 1989 440 GLT
  • Paris blue metallic
  • It's Quick
  • Beautiful
  • Equipped with a turbo
  • ABS
  • 15ď RH wheels
  • Fitted with the newer white front blinkers and red sidemarkers
  • Modified with a Popoff Valve, FSE valve, Hausser body Kit, CSC Exhaust, Momo Steering wheel, .....
  • Fitted with Electric windows and sunroof

Buying her

In 2002 I moved from Austria to Switzerland with my 440. At this time I knew I had to search another car because the 440 had too much kilometers for driving two times per month the distance Zurich Vienna. So I began to search. But I couldnít find a good Volvo that I could afford at that time. But then I saw at a small garage only 50m away from my apartment MY 480. Since the 480 came out I always wanted to have one and now it was time to buy it. So 2 weeks later it was mine ;-)

Things I really love about the 480

Itís a car that not everybody has. Here in Austria are only 417 480s left on the streets so it is in some way exclusive to drive one. Every time I see one I am fascinated by the beautiful appearance. Most of my friends never knew this Volvo or never liked Volvos but after they saw mine they began to like it. Meanwhile other Volvo drivers begin to greet me and my 480 which is not bad for one of the most unmeant Volvos ever built. But what I enjoy most is the power which it has. Every time some of the little boys in their GTIís or whatever are surprised that this small something is faster than their 'sportswagon'. What really impressed me is that my boost modified turbo almost keeps up with a 4x4 Ford Sierra Cosworth. It has been a bit quicker but I have no problem with that, the car is much more powerful than mine.

And last but not least: itís not everybodyís taste but I love the design

What comes next..?

After the Hausser body kit which I got very cheap from a junkyard it took 45 hours to renew it. Now the wheels get polished and the middle of the wheels is painted again in black. What I really need are new backlights which I will buy in the next months. Then it will get a chip so that I can be competitive at the next quarter mile race!

Greets from Austria

Patrick Pangratz, member 0736