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Car of the Month December 2004 belongs to Martin Persson from Sweden.

Hi everyone, first some things about MY Volvo 480:

  • Car: Volvo 480 Turbo, 1988
  • Owner: Martin Persson, Sweden
  • Engine: B18FT, Open air cone filter, Cat without contents, MBC, modified CEM (by myself), Muffler with no content.
  • Chassi: Lowered and very very stiff.
  • Transmission: M54 gearbox, new standard clutch, 5 gear from ES
  • Brakes: Standard, but new ones
  • Wheels/Tires: 17Ē Rial Daytona, Federal ? 205-40
  • Paint: Repainted in 2002, original red, with some clearcoat paint
  • Performance: 201 meter in 9.836 sek, top 115 km/h

Well those are the facts, whats more is there to tell? Itís a fully equipped 480, with leather seats and aircondition. Had a nice stereo until a couple weeks ago when my subwoofer got legs and disappeared. What I love most about the car is probably the performance, it rides very well from 0-205 km/h. The topspeed is not very high due to the ES fifth gear, but I like good acceleration in fifth more than topspeed. Itís a little bit tuned. The turbo runs at about 1 bar, it probably has about 150-160 hp (hopefully even more). All tuning was done by myself and didnít cost anything! Hopefully in the future I will test on a dyno.

The modified CEM

Let me tell you what I did to my CEM. If you open the CEM box (the one under the centreconsol) you'll find two resistors, one of them named R206 (is a double, same as R207) and the other R207. Unsolder both of them. Then solder on two cables where the R207 was and and jack them onto a potentio-meter. Then put the box back together and take the car for a ride. Start with potentiometer in the bottom, put your car in third gear, foot on the brakes and pedal to the metal (must be over 4500 rpm). Watch the pressure gauge and take note. Then turn up the potentiometre and do the same thing over and over again until you find the presure at a level you prefer, I do not recomend that you boost it up so it goes in to the red field on the original pressure gauge (~0.8 Bar), because the fuel wont be enough, it can take more, but I wont take any responsability with what you do to your cars. When youre done and satisfied with the pressure simply solder off the potentiometre and measure the resistance in the potentiometre and buy a resistance that has the corresponding value, costs almost nothing. Solder in this new resistor in your box (where the R207 was) and put it back together. Enjoy!

If you want to you can make a switch (I did so) so you can drive with the standard resistance and standard boost if you want to. I've got one stage (standard) 0.5 Bars, and switched ~+0.8Bars.

The car will respond very well in the higher revs (4500 and up). The MBC makes the car go fast at ~3000 rpms. I've combined these two mods so the car goes fast from 3000rpms and up. So far my car has managed about 1Bar with no problem, but that's just for 'special occasions'. ;)

Warning, the original booststop at 0.9 Bars doesn't work when you've done this modification! So if you turn up your MBC the turbo will run until it blows if you don't do it with moderation and common sense...

Pics and instructions in swedish made by Peter, the 'inventor' of this :

Plans for the future

Some plans for the future are to develop a soundsystem and maybe do a little more styling. And I promise I won't do something tacky, just take the design a little step further, widen the body and take the whole car closer to the ground. Maybe 18Ē rims too. The one who lives will see. One thing is for sure, I will always own at least one 480!

Greetings from Sweden.

Martin Persson, member 1848