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Car of the Month May 2005 belongs to Georgina Brooks from the United Kingdom.

Hi everyone

I christened him Berty as he is white and black, but as someone commented: “Is it because he has had allsorts of owners?” [In fact, I am the 11th owner]

This is a very special car for me as it is both my first car and my family clubbed together to buy it for me for Christmas and 40th Birthday. – They showed a lot of faith because they bought it for me before I had passed my driving test!

I have now had him just over 6 months and between my husband and I we have driven an enjoyable 5000+ miles in him. As well as local journeys this has included longer journeys to Scarborough and Ware.

He prefers longer journeys and sometimes is a bit sluggish first thing in the morning on the local residential roads – finding it difficult to wake up until we reach the main road where he is pleased to “stretch his legs” (well wheels then).

I have had new lights, radio/cassette and the upholstery mended but I still need to get the rear arches (re)done and the rear lights could do with replacing when finances allow.

I would like to go to a 480 club meet and the Snowdonia meeting coming up would be great – but unfortunately as it is midweek other commitments make it impossible to attend.

I look forward to many happy years and miles of motoring with Berty.

Greetings from the UK.

Georgina Brooks, member 1790