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Car of the Month June 2004 belongs to Matthew Foyle, member 1155.

What is the Volvo 480 for me?

Hey all, It's MatBat's turn! (real name Mathew Foyle) I live near a small place called Horsham in England. This is my third 480, and I feel the best I have owned. When I bought her she was in a very bad state, Bodywise immaculate but the electrics were a nightmare. The faults were numerous including: Engine Died when pushing Rear demister button, pop-ups didn't work, the light sequence was incorrect, Sunroof/Electric windows didn't work, Heater Blew all fuses (didn't work), and a two lenses on the front lights were broken. It took Two Months for me to fully sort the problems, and in that time the car had been to two Auto-Electricians who didn't know where to start. I had to remove all the electric from the front and unplug the whole wiring loom, plugging it back with the correct plugs (harder then it sounds because many wires had been cut and crosswired). I very nearly gave up hope and even put in an advert to sell. However fellow club members re-inspired me to continue, and I must say, it has been worth every second.

Some details of my 1989 ES.

Well, she has had three very careful owners and the Mileage is only 78,000miles, came with a full service history and all the receipts and old MOT certificates. Her name is Blinky (aka slug scraper)!

Some specs ::
  • 1721cc Normally Aspirated
  • Light-Blue Metallic
  • Manual 5spd
  • Sunroof
  • Info centre.
  • All the other usual refinements
She has also had a few improvements (by me), this is what I've done :
  • Lowered by -40mm on Aktiv Springs
  • Fitted Turbo Spoiler
  • Fitted 15" Taurus alloys with Ventura tyres
  • Clear Front clusters
  • Has an FSE Powerboost Valve
  • The Legendary MOMO Daytona steering wheel
  • Complete In-Car Handsfree (I push a button and it's all functional)
  • Custom Manifold vacuum gauge
  • Blue LED illuminated dials
  • In-car, DVD, sat-Nav, MP3's and Games
  • Subwoofer Tube and amp, with Aiwa Headunit
  • Stainless Sill-Plates
  • And finally, a BAT-badge on the boot lid

Living with Blinky

After lowering and putting the wider wheels on her, the handling has improved dramatically, I can carry far higher speed through corners and there is minimal body roll, The power is quite impressive for a N/A and the acceleration in 2nd gear leaves most cars for dead. I LOVE the gadgets (especially those I have added). She drinks fuel like an fighter plane however and I can burn off fuel at an insane rate if I feel so inclined. She has her quirks but I wouldn't part with her ever. My next plans are for remote locking, and then I think she'll be sorted for a while.

Greets from the U.K.

Matthew Foyle, member 1155