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Dear guest,

We hope this community is proving its use for you. Our aim is to increase the pleasure of owning a Volvo 480 by organising annual meetings, by providing a lot of information on the web and by offering a platform where everyone can discuss the joys and burdens of owning a Volvo 480. From the feedback we receive from our members we can tell that our efforts are highly valued.

If you are interested in supporting our community then we would highly value a donation. With donations we can cover our expenses and build a source to develop products for the webshop.


1. Bank transfer

In July 2003 a new law has been adopted in the countries in the EU where the Euro-currency has been introduced. This new law forbids banks to charge additional costs when money from one country is being transferred to a bank in another Euro-country. The transfer must meet certain requirements:
  • The money transferred is in the Euro-currency.
  • The amount being transferred is no more than 12.500 Euro.
  • The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) instead of the normal bank-account is being used.
  • The BIC (Bank Identifier Code, a.k.a. SWIFT-code) is filled out on the form.
Before you proceed with this approach, please check with your own bank to see if they respect these laws.

Account details

Bank:ING Bank, The Netherlands
name:W Koekkoek

Please remark that you are making a donation for the Volvo 480 Club Europe.

2. Paypal

The club also has a Paypal account. The username you can make a donation to is: - please remark that you are making a donation.


On behalf of all members and staff of the Volvo 480 Club Europe: thank you!

Previous donations
3260 James Gallacher Paypal 2017-01-16
3260 James Gallacher Paypal 2009-10-29
0186 Chris Wickers Paypal 2008-07-02
1385 Jens Lumbye Bank transfer 2008-03-13
2322 Daniel Moore Paypal 2006-08-22
2464 Rachel Essex Paypal 2006-07-17
0578 Martin Holmes Paypal 2006-05-28
1329 Stuart Chacksfield Paypal 2005-12-09
2351 Roland Boutens Bank Transfer 2005-11-01
2060 Francisco Sismeiro Cash 2005-05-02
0017 Vincent Wolf Bank Transfer 2005-04-13
1097 Jan Janssen Paypal 2004-07-18
1502 Richard Pruen Paypal 2004-06-06
1350 Julie Hynd Cash 2004-05-12
1248 Pete Rutter PayPal 2004-02-14
0206 Ed Koedijk Bank Transfer 2004-01-10
0001 Daniλl Wilten Cash 2004-01-10
0381 Daniel Peschka-ballman Bank Transfer 2004-01-08
1169 Richard Parlevliet Bank Transfer 2004-01-08
0098 Bastiaan Pigge Bank Transfer 2004-01-05
0578 Martin Holmes PayPal 2004-01-03
0790 Gimle Lφwenthal Bank Transfer 2004-01-02
0654 Chris Kay PayPal 2004-01-02
0441 James Worland PayPal 2003-12-31
1024 Antoine Vauthey Cash 2003-12-18
0004 Stephen Blackwell Cash 2003-12-17
1155 Matthew Foyle Cash 2003-12-17