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Car of the Month December 2004 belongs to Jay Tee from the United Kingdom.

Hi to all

I'd like to tell you a little about my 480. Its dark grey metallic, was was registered in late 1995 on a british N plate. It has has a 2.0L engine, a full-leather interior and air-conditioning.

The car now has 17" BK racing wheels as one of the original cetus alloys had been damaged (warped and causing vibration at high speed). The car has also been lowered 40 mm. I have plans to fit a cold air feed for the engine, the Momo steering wheel that has lived under the stairs for the last few months and I have recently ordered a turbo chin spoiler from DBS to go with the DBS rear spoiler that I have (and not yet fitted).

this is my second 480, the first was a red 1.7 ES I really did not intend to buy (I wanted an alfa sprint) but true to form the alfa was rotten and so a quick look through the local ad paper turned up just one option amongst the scabby golfs and bmw's that I could afford at the time. I'd always liked these cars and having never been inside one I was very impressed by the standard features on these well specced cars. I ran that red es for the summer. It ran perfectly and got a lot of attention wherever it went, however as winter approached the heater gave in and as the temperature came down to freezing I sold the car to a friend and bought a 2.5L omega... I didn't like the ride or the seats which gave me back ache (unlike the perfect seats in our 480's). I kept the omega for 6 weeks before selling it and buying what I consider to be a car I'll keep for the rest of my life! this car had 70 thousand miles under its wheels. I've done a few miles since and the readout is now 117 thousand miles. The car has been great and has never left me stranded.

We also own a v40 and really do want a nice c70 to add to our volvo collection

Greetings from the UK.

Jay Tee, member 0881