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Add a photo to a forum-post

To add a photo to a post you want to make on the forum you need to have the photo on a server on the web somewhere. What you need is a URL (http link) to the photo. If you don't know the link to the photo you can click the photo on the web with your right mouse button and select 'properties' from the appearing menu. You will see a http-address for the picture. You can always test the link to a picture by pasting or typing it in the address bar of your webbrowser.

Now that you have the link to the photo you can easily use this on the forum. You start typing your reply message and where the image should appear you type the following, for the convenience we use as an example:


Notice that the link to the image is now placed between a [img] 'tag' to start, a [/img] 'tag' to end and no spaces between the link and both the tags. If you use this method for putting images in your posts you will not have any trouble.

If you have an image on your computer you want to use, please check the Add photo's to account topic in the Help section to learn more about photobucket. They provide a simple and free solution to put photos online!