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Editing your profile

To be able to change data in your profile you need to log in on the website. After you have logged in you go to My Details where you can alter your details. You will save your changes by using the Change Personal Details button.

Besides personal details you also have stored details about your 480. You can change these details by altering the text fields and using the Change 480 (carID XXXX) button. The XXXX shows for what car you will be changing the details, The carID is mentioned at the top of your car details and is of no importance for you. If you have purchased a new 480, please use the Remove 480 button at the bottom and add a new 480 afterwards instead of simply changing the details of your old car to match your new car.

At the bottom you will find buttons to add a new 480 to your profile, or to remove one. You can also find a button you can use to change your password. The last button Manage my Pictures is to add photos you have on a webserver somewhere to your account. You can read the Help-item Add photos to Account to see how you put photos online.