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Who are the people behind the Team

They say: behind every great man there's an even greater woman. Behind this club you will find a team of enthusiasts that keep this club 'on the road'. We do our best to keep this website fun and to set up meetings where you can all come to meet each other and talk with other Volvo 480 enthusiasts.

Contact details:
    Volvo 480 Club Europe
    Contact: DaniŽl Wilten
    Menso Altingweg 1
    9765 BE Paterswolde

The Team that keeps the Volvo 480 Club Europe rolling are:

A list of members and ex-members that have conquered a special place in the history of the Volvo 480 Club Europe, they are our honorary members.
  • Robert Veldkamp (Member 0021)
    Drove a Volvo 480 ES Paris Blue Metallic. Has helped the club in its early years with starting up and still contributes to the continuance of the club. He no longer drives the Volvo 480, but a wonderful XC90.

  • Ed Koedijk (Member 0206)
    Drove a red 480 GT, has been of great value to the club in the early years for helping out on meetings.

  • Marcel van der Linden (Member 0205)
    Drove a Dark Grey 480 GT, has always been an excellent help throughout the years in preparing clubmeetings.