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Add an image to your profile

If you have a digital photo of your Volvo 480 and would like to add it to the website, you need to have it stored on the Internet somewhere. There are several options that will work, like creating a account or a account. (Important: photos stored on a MSN account will NOT be visible to others...) has proven itself to be a reliable website. It works like an online photoalbum, you can create multiple albums and sub-albums, and store many photos on your account. We will give you a very short tutorial on how to how to use at the bottom of this page. We will first proceed with how to add photos to your account on the Clubsite.

Adding photos to your account on the Clubsite is pretty straightforward. You log in on the Clubsite, then go to My Details, then you use the Manage my Pictures button and you will see the page where you can add or remove pictures. If you haven't added any photos yet you will see a textfield where you can put a URL to your photo (an URL always starts with "http://" and ends with something like "/picturename.jpg"). The textarea below it can be used to add comment to your photo, this comment will be visible to others.
You can add more than one photo to your account, but only one at a time. All photos you have added will be visible above the location where you can add new photos. You can choose to delete or change any photo you have added. The Reset button is for when you have, for example, edited the comment of a photo and want to undo the changes. It only works before you save your changes.

How to use is actually quite easy to use. Only three steps are needed before you can add a photo to your account:
  1. Create an account

    To create an account you go to and follow the Sign Up Free link. You then choose a username you want, choose a password and finally enter your e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail with an activation-link you must click, and after that your account is activated.

  2. Create a folder

    You go to the photobucket website and follow the Login link in the top-right corner. After you have logged in you will see two textfields. The first one is to create an album (folder). It is up to you if you want to use folders or want to dump all photos in the root. If you create an album you will see a link to the album at the bottom of the page. By clicking it you will enter that album and you can then upload your photos in the album.

  3. Upload your photos

    Uploading your photos is very easy, you just click the Browse button next to the second textfield and select the photo from your harddisk that you want to upload. After you have selected the photo you click the Submit button and the photo will be uploaded to the album.

Now you can see the photos that are on the photobucket server. Below the photo you will see the URL to the photo. You can doubleclick the text in the textfield, then use your right mousebutton and select Copy copy the text. Now you go to the Clubsite, take the steps described at the top of the page to add a photo and rightclick the textfield where the URL should be typed. You can then select Paste to paste the URL in the textfield.