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Kasterlee 2002

The Volvo 480 Team Belgium organised a sunny meeting in Kasterlee (Belgium) on 24th of November 2002. It was the second meeting of the Belgian 480 Team and twelve 480 cars attended (some 20 people in total). At 13h00 we gathered at the cosy Tavern Pelleman in Kasterlee. What a great set of cars were there, in all sorts of variations. Especially Jimmy's Red Turbo Monster, Bakke's Blue Chequered MegaWatt-Machine and Kevin's Canary Canon opened all our eyes astonished. But the more regular 480's were shining in the sun being beautiful as well. After registration and a quick drink we headed out for the first test of the day. On a deserted parking lot we had to follow a merciless track, where many of us failed utterly ashamed. It was a great laugh though. Hereafter an 1,5 hour tour was scheduled through the north of Belgium, we even tipped on Holland shortly (but not too long with all those flash-cameras). Coming back to the tavern, we had to fill in a 480-quiz. We then finished the day with drinks, pasta and lots of exchange of 480-experience. The organisation was in perfect hands and carried out very friendly and professionally. So thanks a lot to Jimmy and his friends!

Check out more pictures on the Belgian website on which there's much more information: