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Sauerlandtreffen 2002

In 2001 some of us attended the 'Ibbenbürentreffen' organised by Jürgen and Martina Voigt. This meeting was a big succes! Many, many Volvo 480ies together for a three-day period with lots of events such as several tours, visits to musea, dining together and telling stories.

And when you thought last year was great, this was the sequal! Actually it was the third time the German Volvo - 480 IG Deutschland organised a meeting. The date of the meeting was June 21st till June 23rd 2002!

The meeting really was a big succes. It was, again, organised by Jürgen and Martina Voigt who did a great job! Everything ran smoothly and everyone really had a great time (who wouldn't if you have so many 480-enthusiasts together!). It was organised in the German Sauerland near Warstein. Yes, the place which is famous for its great beer. The meeting included a puzzle-tour with questions where prices could be won. Marcel van der Linden from The Netherlands received the first price. We also dined together what was also nice to get to know each other better. We are already looking forward to the meeting next year! An impression of the weekend can be found by clicking the thumbnails below...
Pictures above taken by: Ed Koedijk.

Pictures above taken by: Daniel Peschka.