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Meadowhall meeting 2002

Written by: R.Foster (JFozzers480J)
9:30 August 12th, we start the day of the meeting by finally changing our seats, a job we had been putting off for days. So we set off with our new seats looking forward to our first meeting with our 480. All is going well. It's now around 11 o'clock and we haven't even caught any traffic jams but we are getting a little bit worried, something is not quite right. The voltage gauge is dropping and it is getting difficult to read the info-centre and clock. We need to find out what is wrong so we look on the map and find that the nearest town is Bawtry! There is a garage that checks the alternator. It's not working so they start ringing round for a new one. Meanwhile everyone in Sheffield is wondering where we are, while we are trying to get in touch. So then they go in for a meal and we set off very fast with a hole in our pocket after buying the new alternator. Flying to meadow hall hoping the rest of us is just having a meal, we think we can still meet. Heading into Sheffield following signs to meadow hall, then suddenly we notice we are going past tgi Fridays, so we do a U-turn and pull into the car park where we park up next to the rest of the 480ies and head in to the restaurant. It is now 2:00 PM and one of the 480 owners is just leaving so we go out and have another photo. We now meet the rest of the cool owners and jokes soon start flying round about me polishing the alternator...

Time to go home! as we live near Joey we decide to go back in a convoy but our navigator (me) sent us to Leeds so we then turn off the road to find a way home. Joey waves goodbye and floors it making sure the saxo in the nearside lane doesn't have time to realise it isn't a Honda civic! So we head home! Joey found his way home and didn't realise we sent him the wrong way so he wasn't upset. Oh well a brilliant meeting and looking forward to the next one in the United Kingdom!

Pictures taken at the first UK-Volvo 480 meeting organised by Dave Slater.