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Maymeeting 2002

Sunday May 12th we organised a meeting in Chaam (NL). We were all supposed to gather between 11:00 and 12:00 and about 25 Volvo 480ies showed up this day. Luckily it was dry, because earlier that day it had been raining. In the afternoon the sun even broke through and temperatures were pleasant enough to be outside. In the afternoon we all started touring through the southern dutch and nothern belgian sceneries. Afterwards the winners of the puzzle-tour received awards.
For those who couldn't make it, we hope to be able to greet you next time when we organise a meeting. To get an impression of the day, click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.
The pictures above were taken by Ed Koedijk.

The pictures above were taken by Rob Veldkamp.

The pictures above were taken by Ronald van Glabbeek.