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VROM 2002

August 9th, 10th and 11th 2002 were the dates VROM was organised for the 10th time, this all in the year Volvo celebrated it's 75th birthday! One car mustn't fail on this Volvo rendez-vous and that is the Volvo 480. The day before the VROM a group of the Volvo 480 club EUROPE were to meet along the German autobahn just before Hamburg. From there we collectively drove towards Göteborg where the VROM was organised.

The friday, the first day of the VROM, was different for everyone. There were three alternatives from wich people could choose what they wanted to do if you were fast enough in registering. Some of the items from the different alternatives were testdriving new Volvos on a testtrack, visiting the SKF bearings-factory, visiting the Volvo Safety Centre and more. At the end of the day there was a dinner organised at the SKF factory after wich you could see a Volvo öv4 driving out of the exact same door as the first Volvo ever produced! Sadly there was a lot of rain, so umbrellas were more than welcome.

The second day (saturday) a tour was organised from Bollebygd to Borås. All classic Volvos were invited to take this tour accros the beautiful Swedish scenery of hills, mountainstreams and lots of trees. At the end of the day most participants were allowed on the square where lots of photo's could be shot.

The last day of the VROM, sunday, a parts-market and exhibition was organised. Here you could see examples of all Volvos from the early years to the latest models, all sorted by year. Sadly not many 480 parts can be found on the parts-market yet. Maybe in the future this will change when the 480 has really become an old-timer. Visitors could even walk along the new Volvo SCC. Sad that there was no opportunity of driving her.

It have been three great days after wich some stayed even longer to enjoy the country of Volvo and Saab a bit better. Click on the thumbnails below to get an impression of this Volvo meeting.
The pictures above were taken by Ed Koedijk.

The pictures above were taken by Daniel Peschka.