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 2018-09-23- Restored mail capabilities of forum.
- Cleaned up clubsite guestbook.
- Added new pending member applications to club-database.
- Fixed password recovery for clubsite.
- Fixed advertisements functionality on clubsite.
 2012-08-06- Fixed the car removal script.
- Added pending members.
- Removed session ID print on website.
 2012-04-15- Fixed login/session issue on clubsite.
 2012-04-08- Large scale overhaul - fixing non-functioning pages and repairing session mechanism.
 2012-04-04- Sauerlandtreffen registration form online.
 2012-01-22- Four meetings for 2012 added to the Clubsite.
- Added pending members.
 2007-06-26- RSS feeds added for marketplace.
- Altering marketplace advertisements made possible.
 2007-06-03- Added wallpapers to downloads section
 2007-05-20- Pages fixed (radios, member galleries, colour specimen).
- Short report on Zeeland meeting online.
 2007-04-30- pending applications processed.
- newsletter send.
 2007-01-01- We wish all an outstanding 2007!
- Added pending member applications.
- Added 480 carsmarket.
 2006-11-30- Processed pending membership applications.
 2006-10-02- Car of the Month October added.
 2006-08-31- Car of the Month September added.
- New members added to memberlist.
 2006-08-26- Added pending members to memberlist.
 2006-08-21- Admin back from holiday-break
- Guestbook cleaned up
- Broken index.html fixed
- Pending members added
 2006-06-29- Added Car of the Month July 2006
 2006-06-22- New members added.
- Lincolnmeeting forms online.
 2006-04-09- Registration forms 20 years Volvo 480 meeting online.
- Pending membership applications added to memberlist.
 2006-03-19- Added new members.
 2006-02-12- Added accessories to webshop.
- Added new members.
 2006-02-01- Added new Car of the Month.
- Added new members.
 2005-11-21- Added pending member applications
- Added Feb 2006 Arctic Volvo meeting.
 2005-11-01- Added webshop to the website
- Added pending member applications
 2005-10-03- Added pending member applications.
 2005-09-19- Added pending member applications.
 2005-09-05- Processed pending membership applications.
 2005-08-29- Added meeting Limburg on September 9th to 11th.
- Added PayPal donation option.
 2005-08-25- Added story and photos from Luxembourg meeting 2005.
- Added story and photos from July's 'meeting Noord'.
 2005-08-23- Added story and photos of VROM 2005
 2005-06-29- Added pending applications to the memberlist.
 2005-03-30- Added Luxembourg Maymeeting to meetings section.
- Added UK Snowdonia Meeting to meetings section.
 2005-03-27- New members added.
 2005-01-30- Added page for 2005 VROM festival in meetings section.
 2005-01-27- Added flash-code errors and their semantics to the FAQ.
- Added guide for installing footwell lights.
 2004-12-10- Added Car of the Month December 2004.
 2004-11-29- Added special prototype under Volvo 480 - Specials.
 2004-11-03- Added Car of the Month November 2004.
 2004-10-03- Added Car of the Month October.
 2004-09-01- Added story about VROM2004 meeting.
 2004-08-02- Added Car of the Month August.
 2004-08-01- Story and photos of Luxembourgmeeting online.
 2004-07-26- Added two new meetings.
- Updated the donation page.
 2004-07-22- Added form to run for Car of the Month owner
 2004-06-05- Added Car of the Month June 2004
 2004-04-03- Added Car of the Month April 2004
 2004-03-17- Added Quick Links box to mainpage website.
- Added search function to search within the website.
 2004-02-20- As of today the board is multi national! Gary Wilson is now Event Coordinator & Filestore Master.
 2004-02-14- Download page completely renewed.
 2004-02-08- Registration page for Luxembourg meeting online, click here for more info.
 2004-02-01- Website rebuild, frames no longer used.
- First Car of the Month added to Club Info.
 2004-01-18Messages from old forum integrated in PHPBB.
 2004-01-04Help section added to website. Solution to (almost) all problems.
 2004-01-03- Converted all messages from EZBoard (still need to merge with our forum).
- Actions taken to reduce datatraffic on server.
 2003-12-24- Photo Gallery 50% online in Club Info.
 2003-12-20- Added Donation page.
- Added 2004 Meetings.
 2003-11-24- Forum improved: menu added
- Meeting sections: 2003 updated, pictures of VROM online!
 2003-11-19- Dutch forum added.
- FAQ section updated, new items added.
 2003-11-15Site transferred to new server after crash, everything should work fine within a few days.
 2003-10-14Famous snake startpage back online.
 2003-10-11Moved to a new Guestbook, feel free to sign it!
 2003-10-07Accessories List added to Volvo 480 Items. Log in required for viewing.
 2003-09-25Twente meeting cancelled due to lack of applications
 2003-09-22Moved to the new PHPBB message board instead of EZBoard
 2003-09-20New Message Board to replace EZBoard has entered testphase at
 2003-09-14- IVth Italian 480 meet added to the meet section.
- White Blinkers added to the Styling page in 480 FAQ.
 2003-09-11Registration form for meeting 28 september in Twenthe online. Go to Meetings --> 2003 --> Twenthe meeting for info.
 2003-08-03- Story and photos Belgian Ardennes meeting online
- Story and photos German Upland meeting online
 2003-06-26Fixed minor bugs:
- Login procedure should not hang.
- Improved registration for french drivers.
 2003-06-01Story of the Flevo meeting added to the meetings section.
 2003-05-07Story from the UK Chirton meeting (April 2003) added.
 2003-05-06Belgian meeting in June in The Ardennes added.
 2003-04-27- Meetings added to the meetings section
- Registration Flevomeeting updated
 2003-04-09Several items added to downloads:
- Volvo 480 evasion/handling-test movie.
- Five Volvo 480 PocketPC Themes.
 2003-04-06Logbook added back to homepage. Was gone since 2002-12-26
 2002-12-26Completely restyled homepage with database implemented.
 2002-11-19Three new meetings added to homepage: 2002-11-24, 2003-05-16/18, 2003-09-28.
 2002-11-12Site transferred to newest server at hostcompany. No more DNS-errors.
 2002-10-28New registrationforms added to the homepage.
 2002-10-19Volvo 480 Turbo for NFS4 added to Download Area.
 2002-10-15Members updated.
 2002-10-10Links-page updated. Dead links removed and new links added.
 2002-10-10Pictures and story from Belgian septembermeeting online.
 2002-10-08Pictures and story of VROM 2002 meeting added.
 2002-10-08Story of Meadowhall (UK) meeting added.
 2002-09-15Members updated.
 2002-09-04Overview of various interiours added to the homepage.
 2002-09-03Pictures from the Meadowhall meeting put online.
 2002-09-03First ever meeting organised by the Volvo 480 Team Belgium put online.
 2002-07-15Members updated.
 2002-07-09Pictures of German Sauerlandtreffen put online.
 2002-06-04Cruise Control and Towing Hook documentation added to the download pages.
 2002-05-16Pictures of the Maymeeting put online.
 2002-05-03Members updated.
 2002-04-25Story on the history of the Volvo 480 put online.
 2002-04-16Members updated.
 2002-03-27VIN-page renewed, read your Vehicle Identification Number!
 2002-03-26Members updated.
 2002-03-20Members updated.
 2002-03-11Radio information updated. CR905 and CR407 added.
 2002-03-06Volvo 480 questions (FAQ) completely renewed.
 2002-03-04Menu layout improved.
 2002-02-27Radio overview added to the homepage.
 2002-02-25Overview of Volvo 480 rims put online.
 2002-02-15Members updated.
 2002-02-07Members updated.
 0000-00-00- Added pending member applications.