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Luxembourg 2004

In 2003 the Volvo 480 Club EUROPE organised its first multi-day meeting. Only a few members turned up for this event. Because we were convinced that a multi-day meeting can be a big success we decided to have another go at it in 2004. The last weekend in May was chosen to organise our second multi-day meeting. We needed a nice country, situated near the centre of Europe, preferrably with hills and nice scenery: The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg!

Erwin and Simone Groenenboom had suggested this country because they had gone there on holiday several times. They knew a good camping-site and nice routes we could use for a tour. Erwin and Simone had done a marvellous job at making all the necessary arrangements. The camping was clean and well-situated in the green mountainous scenery, but who notices when you have so many Volvo 480 together on a field!
Photo: the scenery of Kautenbach (L).
Photo: Volvo 480 on the camping-site.

The official dates for the meeting were Saturday to Monday, but lots of visitors already turned up Friday. It was a cold first night. All the tents had frost on them on the outside, so many visitors were a bit broken by the lack of sleep from the cold. But after some coffee and sandwiches the spirit is back to make it a great Saturday!
The Saturday was reserved for letting everyone get to know each other and admire each others Volvo 480 while the organisation was making the final arrangements for the BBQ the next day. In the evening there was a cosy gathering around the camp-fire for those that didn't feel like going to bed early.

The next day was Sunday, the main-day of the meeting! Today a large tour through the Luxembourg scenery and a BBQ were planned. The tour started late in the morning. Everyone received a route description and was sent of. Some people turned the tour into a rally and tried to be back first. Others took their time and went sight-seeing in small villages along the route. It was a bumpy ride at some points, but all 480 survived without damage.
Photo: just a photo from the tour.

After the tour we wanted to make a nice group-photo. There was a nice field nearby but we heard that the owner of that field would not appreciate it if we used it, so we had to be fast... The result was some beautiful Volvo 480 photos! Here is an example:

Photo: group photo of the Luxemburg meeting.

Everyone was now very hungry after such a busy day, so we fired up the BBQ and put all the benches in place. There was plenty of food for everyone and it tasted great. After the BBQ we all sat together and talked about the joys a Volvo 480 adds to your life and other things.

Photo: doesn't this make your mouth water?
Photo: some raindrops didn't spoil the fun!

As they say: all good things must end. That was also the case for the Luxembourgmeeting. Looking back at everything it was a big success! All the response we received was positive, everyone had a great time! Monday was the last day of the meeting. Everyone could get up at their own and break up camp. When everything was cleaned up and packed it was time to say goodbye! A total of fifty Volvo 480 showed up for this meeting. We hope next time even more Volvo 480 will be present!

Photo: time to say goodbye.

We are working on developing a DVD with material from this meeting. If you have photo or film material from this meeting (or other meetings we organised), please send it to us.

Until next time!

Team Volvo 480 Club EUROPE