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A Silver and Flame-red Two-Tone
This is a very rare and special combination. This car was for sale at the Volvo Dealer 'Nic de Rie' in Hoorn (NL) and the lower side of the car had been painted by the previous owner because he didn't like the 'original' Two-Tone colors.

The Laserblue 'R'-color
This is the Volvo color 'Laserblue'. It is used on different 'R'-versions. A very nice and light color of blue. What the performance of this car is is unknown.
It appears there is another 480 in the Laserblue color. This one belongs to the French guy Christoph Teda. Yes, the same one as in the Bodykits gallery.

A Saffron Pearl 480
This Volvo 480 has been painted in the Volvo Saffron Pearl color. These pictures were taken of it on the VROM 2003 event. The car was also for sale!

The pink 480
If you're driving in Germany there is the possibility in seeing this car passing you! The story is that the owner has ordered her dealer to paint the car so that it matches her nail-varnish.

A 480 Viper
This Volvo 480 was also spotted on a German meeting! As you can see the entire interior is red and it is fitted with 2 'Viper'-stripes. It has a Hausser bodykit.

Army-green 480
I will not start with making jokes about our German friends. But it's funny to see that in that country someone got the idea to paint a 480 Army-green.

Yellow 480
The big discussion among 480 enthusiasts is: has Volvo indeed launched a series of yellow 480 in 1986 or are these cars customized by their owners?
Our member Kevin Oort also has had a yellow Volvo 480 from 1986. He no longer has it, it was replaced by a Smoke Silver 480.
This car belongs to someone in The Netherlands. Just like the Volvo 850 T5R it has been painted 'Cream Yellow'.
Someone in the U.S.A. is driving around in this yellow 480. We believe it is someone in the Army who is stationed there and has brought his car over the atlantic.
A yellow Volvo 480 with a Hausser bodykit! Sure is something different than the everyday 480 colors. This one belongs to someone in Germany.

Red and Blue 480
This Volvo 480 belongs to someone in Sweden. He has completely customized his car. The car has ben exhibited at the Vallåkra-treffen in Sweden, where all sorts of tuned Volvo's turn up.

Vallåkra Tuned 480
And here we find another Volvo 480 from Sweden. This one has been tuned for the Vallåkra treffen too. How much horsepower and torque it resulted in is unknown. We do know that this 480 has been in a little accident. Let's hope all ended well.

Copper 480
No, I don't mean it's a policecar, it just has a copper-color. The car belongs to someone in Germany.

Checkered 480
Also located in Germany is this checkered Paris-blue 480. Looks nice and maybe you can even play a game of chess in a traffic jam.

Red and Yellow 480
Somewhere in Germany there is a Red and Yellow Volvo 480.

Silver Tiger
Mats Engblom (Finland) has created this piece of art. The car has been renovated and painted in the summer of 2005 and is currently for sale: