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  Volvo 480 Bodykits Gallery

The original Volvo Bodykit
The first bodykit we want to show to you is the original Volvo Bodykit. It has been on the market very shortly, so not many were sold. Some say this is the nicest bodykit ever made. With this kit you can make a compromise between putting a bodykit on your car and keeping everything 100% Volvo.
It was designed to perfectly fit on the Volvo 480. The set consists out of:
  • frontspoiler
  • sideskirts
  • rearskirt
Simple and ready-to-fit mounting without drilling. They were supplied ready for painting.


The Hausser Bodykit
Another bodykit that was available for the Volvo 480 was one made by the German tuning-company Hausser. Beside the kit they also had a rear-spoiler available. Just like the other bodykits for the 480 it's all about keeping your eyes open to see if you can find one for sale or on a wreckyard.


The Theiss Bodykit
Also made in Germany was this Theiss bodykit. Regarded by most Volvo 480 drivers as one of the nicest bodykits available. This type of kit is sadly not available anymore. So you need to be lucky if you really want one.


The Haas Bodykit
In Germany you will find a tuning company with the name "Haas". The have also payed attention to the Volvo 480! They say they will give your Volvo an individualistic look. That is very true, because you will not find many Haas-bodykits on the road. This bodykit included wooden inlay-panels for the dashboard, two different frontspoilers from which you could choose, sideskirts, a rear spoiler and different 7JX15" wheels.


Custom - The Vallåkra Red and Blue 480
This car was seen on the 2001 Vallåkra treffen and created a large shock in the 480 community. It was called the most beautiful 480 ever seen! And indeed, it does look very good!

Custom - Christophe Teda
Snowplough is the term we have heard most often associated with this car. Let's say some like it, some don't...


Custom - The Jacky Touch
Call it cool, call it horror, call it what you want. Styling is a matter of taste. This car has had 'the Jacky touch'...


Custom - Green Racer
We don't know much about it, but close inspection of the picture has led us to believe a 480 is underneath, somewhere...

Custom - 480 from Dutch 480-register stand at Volvo Classics Fair in Utrecht (NL) 2005
This custom project looks really fresh and exciting. The bodykit consists out of the side-skirts and side-panels from the original Volvo bodykit, combined with the custom-made front- and rearspoiler made by DBS. The colours were inspired by the Volvo S40 racing team. To make the car complete the white side-repeaters and rear-markers made by Björn Leinen were added. A really nice car that proofs that it is possible to make the beautiful 480 look even better!


Custom - SC-DESIGN
This 480 has been created by SC-DESIGN Belgium. The rims are 'Smidt Revolution Modern line' (shiny polished 16" / 9J).
The exhaust is a custom-made stainless-steel from cat to end. The backbox of the exhaust has been copied from the original exhaust and so modified that there are two mouths that balance the load evenly. Exterior-colour was 323 Dark Grey, in 2003 the car has been resprayed 'Volvo Ocean Blue'.