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  Volvo 480 Cabrio Gallery

The Cabrio mock-up model
In 1990 at the Geneva Motorshow,Volvo presented this design study to the world. When the first Cabrio was presented to the public, we believe it was no more than an undriveable model. The wheels were even made of wood! But that didn't matter, because Volvo merely wanted to show the world what wonderful things they could do with the 480!


The Museum Cabrio
In the Volvo Museum in Arendal, Göteborg, Sweden you can find one of the Cabrios that was build. We don't know if this is the exact same car as presented at the Geneva Motorshow. It's a shame that the Cabrio in the museum is always parked behind a pillar and very close to other cars which makes it virtually impossible to take good pictures. At least we tried!


The Silver Cabrio
To be honest: we have no idea who build this cabrio, who gave the order for construction or where this car is today. It might even be possible that this cabrio has been shredded eventually.


The Red Cabrio
This is one of the various Cabrio models that have been build. This one survived and is still owned by Volvo Cars. A previous chairman of the dutch Volvo 480 Register has even used this as his wedding-car, how cool can you be! The car is presented to the public only on special occasions, you will probably never see it driving around.


The ACT Cabrios
These are prototypes made by a Belgian company ACT. Rumour has it that they are still driving around in Belgium somewhere. Wouldn't it be just awesome to have such a car for the sunny summers? At least these red and white Cabrios are known to exist, maybe there are even more!


The 480 Targa
Just like Porsche did with the 911, Volvo decided they could make a Targa of the 480! Maybe it's not a Cabrio in it's purest form, but it's close enough! The prototype was nearly wrecked as Volvo wanted to clean up the basement where the Targa was secretely parked, but employees took control of the situation and kidnapped the Targa! She has been completely restored and will be displayed to the public on special occasions.