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Volvo 480 Club Europe - Gaasterland meeting 2013

Great turnup!
Photo: Great turnup!

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In the northern Dutch province Friesland lies a beautiful region: Het Gaasterland! This was the setting for the 2013 rally. We had a great turnup of over 35 cars and even more enthusiasts. This year even the weather was on our hand, we had a beautiful tour through the Frysian scenery, the Gaasterland region can be considered one of the prettiest areas of Fryslan: dark forests, open fields and small towns!

Photo: Underway!

During the day everyone could drive the rally, answer the questions from the contest and enjoy a break in one of the many villages and towns along the way. At the end the board checked all the returned answer-forms and found the winners of the 2013 rally: Sanne-Marye and Jurrien!

It was now time for the buffet at restaurant Rijsterbos. This concluded yet another succesful Volvo 480 Club Europe meeting. Thank you all for coming and until next year!

Info iconFor pictures of this meeting: click HERE!

Kind regards,
   The Volvo 480 Club Europe team

List of members who applied

IDFirst NameLast NameCityCountryFridaySaturdaySundayDinner on SaturdayAmount of People
0001 DaniŽl Wilten Paterswolde The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
0571 Jeroen Vrijling Helmond The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
4699 Djurre Sijtsma Drachten The Netherlands Yes Yes No Yes 2
0560 Erwin Groenenboom Harlingen The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
0098 Bastiaan Pigge Breda The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 4
0765 Arnold Van Tiel Ijlst The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
1169 Richard Parlevliet Roosendaal The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
3973 Fabian Spierings Helmond The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
0533 Kees Schut Helmond The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
0017 Vincent Wolf  Nwst.jlnd The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
2648 Joep Vrijling Helmond The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
0877 William Koekkoek Lelystad The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
4563 Leo Oudenaarden Rotterdam The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 4
4546 Geert Haagsman Arnhem The Netherlands No Yes No Yes 1
4333 Wasse Folkerts Wildervank The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
0381 Daniel Peschka NŲrvenich Germany No Yes Yes Yes 2
2568 Daniel Krueger Obertshausen Germany No Yes No Yes 2
4858 JurriŽn Dijkstra Hengelo The Netherlands No Yes No Yes 2
4854 Koen Daas Veldhoven The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
4828 Orlando Stap Erichem The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 3
4592 Joryan Van Der Hoek Wilhelminadorp The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
4390 Miki Tavasszy Utrecht The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
2386 Henk Lauwaert Wetteren Belgium No Yes No Yes 2
0251 Jilles-jan Retera Eindhoven The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
4842 Lex Berende Eindhoven The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
1601 Stephen Sudworth Wigan United Kingdom No Yes Yes Yes 3
4736 Karsten MŁller Wesel Germany No Yes No Yes 1
4016 Sylvia Lawson-brown Norwich United Kingdom Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
4215 Chris Unger Etten-leur The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
4164 Wim De Bock Temse Belgium No Yes No Yes 1

Thank you for participating and see you next year!

Team Volvo 480 Club Europe