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Volvo 480 Club Europe - Sauerland meeting 2012

This years turnup
Photo: more and more 480 and people arriving.

Info iconFor pictures of this meeting: click HERE!


This year we decided it was time to visit the German Sauerland! We had not held a meeting here in the past, but we knew the area had great potential for a meeting. So we decided to put everything to work, and out came a great meeting organised in Germany! The route had been prepared by Erwin, and the quiz had been prepared by Daniël and Ireen. It was a wonderful tour through the Sauerland region. The starting- and enpoint for the meeting was near Meschede. Along the route there were several great sights to visit, such as the Atta Höhle - a huge dripstone cavern where they manufactured the famous Atta-cheese, cheese that had riped in these caverns.

Atta Höhle
Photo: Atta Höhle.

After the tour through a wonderful scenery everyone returned safe and sound at the endpoint in Meschede. The questionforms for the puzzle-tour were returned and the board was able to determine a winner for the 2012 rally: Daniel Krueger!
Prizes Winners
Photos: Prizes and winners!

Now it was finally time to conclude another perfect meeting with sunshine and a barbecue. We thank you all for participating and look forward to seeing you next year!

Photos: Barbecuing in the sun

Thank you all for participating, we hope to see you next year!

Kind regards,
   The Volvo 480 Club Europe team

Info iconFor pictures of this meeting: click HERE!

List of members who already applied

IDFirst NameLast NameCityCountryFridaySaturdaySundayDinner on SaturdayAmount of People
0001 Daniël Wilten Paterswolde The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
0877 William Koekkoek Lelystad The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
0560 Erwin Groenenboom Harlingen The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
0381 Daniel Peschka Nörvenich Germany No Yes No Yes 1
2533 David Jakobi Giessen Germany No Yes No Yes 1
4167 Andre Green Toddington United Kingdom Yes Yes No No 2
1169 Richard Parlevliet Roosendaal The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
0765 Arnold Van Tiel Oudega Dfm The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
0098 Bastiaan Pigge Breda The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
0561 Simone Groenenboom Roosendaal The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
2386 Henk Lauwaert Wetteren Belgium No Yes No Yes 2
4546 Geert Haagsman Arnhem The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
2581 Andor Lunenburg Veghel The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
4390 Miki Tavasszy Utrecht The Netherlands Yes Yes No Yes 1
4563 Leo Oudenaarden Rotterdam The Netherlands Yes Yes No Yes 4
3436 Dirk Fellendorf Chemnitz Germany No Yes Yes Yes 1
0571 Jeroen Vrijling Helmond The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
0533 Kees Schut Helmond The Netherlands No Yes Yes Yes 1
3973 Fabian Spierings Helmond The Netherlands No Yes Yes Yes 1
4592 Joryan Van Der Hoek Wilhelminadorp The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
2648 Joep Vrijling Helmond The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes 2
2567 Kevin Ri Velbert Germany No Yes No Yes 1
1601 Stephen Sudworth Wigan United Kingdom No Yes Yes Yes 3
2568 Daniel Krueger Obertshausen Germany No Yes No Yes 2
0597 Klaus Berkey Lindlar Germany No Yes No Yes 1

See you and your shiny machines in Germany!

Team Volvo 480 Club Europe