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Maymeeting 2008

Barchem area, Gelderland
Image: Barchem area, Gelderland


On Friday night May 16th we arrived at Barchem, the Netherlands, where the Volvo 480 Club Europe arranged a meeting with the possibility of staying on a camping or in a hotel. We gathered for a drink in a shelter on the campingsite. It was only a fifteen minute walk between the campsite and the hotel, so having a couple off drinks was finally an option for those not staying on the campsite.


Saturday morning more and more Volvo 480 enthusiasts arrived on the meetingfield. Sadly we were accompanied by lots of rain… But eventually between 15 to 20 Volvo 480 showed up. Then it was to time to start a nice (but rainy) tour through the beautiful scenery of the Dutch Achterhoek-area. Due to the rain we were so glad this year a nice indoor-buffet had been arranged, and not a “campsite BBQ” as in previous years. Before the dinner it was time to disclose who had won the treasurehunt. Apparently we have some real presistive members since about the same people were best!

2008 Treasure Hunt

2386 Henk Lauwaert 16 points
1088 Richard van Wees 15 points
1322 Kevin Ververs 13,5 points
1503 Marein van den Heurik 12,5 points
0392 Roland Starren 12 points
2645 Richard Kampen 12 points
1169 Richard Parlevliet 11,5 points
1366 Ernst-Jan van Reeven 10 points
3552 Lex Klein Gunnewiek 10 points


After our Sunday morning breakfast, we joined a regional activity called 'klootschieten'. Here you walk in several groups along a fixed route while throwing a ball (the 'kloot') forward. The team that arrives at the finish with the fewest throws has won! It was a nice way to chat with others and enjoy a day out in the forest. Luckily it was more sunny than yesterday. After this activity we split up, packed our things, and went home. It was a terrific meeting!

Team Volvo 480 Club EUROPE