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Celebration: 20 years Volvo 480 (2006)

Twenty years after the first Volvo 480 were handed over to their lucky first owners was reason for a nice celebration. From May 12th to 14th a meeting was organised in Jammelshofen in the German Eifel-region. Even though we had the tough luck that after two weeks of sunshine and heat the weather changed for the worse it was a tremendous succes. Over 60 Volvo 480 attended the meeting. It was a real European happening with cars from Latvia, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg and France! Here you will find a story and photos of this wonderful event.


Today the people that came from far had the opportunity to arrive and check in at the hotel, or set up their tent on a camping. Who wanted could gather in the restaurant of the hotel and have dinner there. We now realised that arriving with a clean car was a bit pointless: from the hills large clouds of yellow pollen swarmed over the cars, covering them under a thin yellow layer.


At 10 AM it was time for the official start of the meeting, and the main day of the meeting as well. In the morning we all gathered outside the hotel to check in for the meeting and receive a programm and forms for the beauty-contest. All cars were numbered and everybody was allowed to hand in their top-3 of most beautiful 480. It was quite sad that it even started to rain this morning, but it boosted umbrella-sales.
At 11 AM the 127 km long tour through the Eifel region started. Everybody now had to hand in the form for the beauty-contest and received a route description and forms for the puzzle along the way. Along the 127 km route there were several restaurants where you could stop for a drink or order something to eat. Despite the forecasts the weather (thunderstorms and heavy rain) the weather was 'only' mediocre (cloudy and a bit of drizzle every now and then).
At the end of the day all drivers arrived back at the hotel safe and sound. All drivers had to answer the elimination-question (the amount of sweets in a jar), after which the form for the puzzle was handed in. We were in luck: the weather was changing for the better. It stopped raining so we encouraged the hotel owner to fire up the barbecue as soon as possible.
At a quarter past five it was time for the awards ceremony. The top-3 from the beauty contest and the top-3 from the rally received an award.

The winners:
Beauty contest
First      Daniel Peschka-Ballman
Second      Andreas Henning
Third      Stephán Leleux
First      Vincent Wolf
Second      Michael Müller
Third      Andreas Henning

By now the barbecue was running at full speed thanks to our kind hotel owner! The weather stayed nice and dry so we could all sit outside and enjoy the food and drinks! Today really was a big success and we are really pleased that we got so many compliments for this meeting!
At 01:00 AM it was time to call it a day and head for our beds.


Today was mothers day, incredible how many participants either forgot this or rather went to a Volvo 480 meeting than visit their mother... Today we went to the Nürburgring, the most (in)famous circuit in Germany where everybody can buy a ticket for a run on the circuit. We first went to a viewing point along the circuit where we could see the conditions on the circuit. After having seen enough a group of brave Volvo 480 drivers seperated and went for one or more runs on the circuit. It was very nice to see the 480ies passing by at the viewing point. Even though the 480 was no match for the more recent and more powerful cars it sure was a nice sight!
We thank all participants for their kind words and are very pleased to hear that everyone enjoyed the meeting! Hopefully we will see you again at a next meeting.

Kind regards,
   The Volvo 480 Club Europe team

Total list of scores from the 20 years celebration:

Beauty contest

Calculation of points:
  • 3 points for each form putting your car in first place
  • 2 points for second place
  • 1 point for third place
Position Total points Name (car number)
1 26 Daniel Peschka-Ballman (10)
2 22 Andreas Henning (62)
3 15 Stephán Leleux (25)
4 14 Arne Nissen (6)
5/6 12 Daniël Wilten (1), Vincent Wolf (2)
7/8 10 Edvards Pavlovskis (37), Henk Lauwaert (44)
9 9 Roland Starren (11)
10/11 8 Rob Pietersen (19), Stephen Robson (33) (both two-tones!)
12 7 Tim Sloots (23)
13/14 6 Ronald van Glabbeek (5), Jürgen Naesert (13)
15/16 5 Heinrich Kral (31), Michael Müller (52)
17/18 4 Erwin Groenenboom (14), Geoffrey Hespel (39)
19 t/m 26 3 Bastiaan Pigge (3), Martin Gülich (4)
Klaus Berkey (18), Jérôme Laberère (24)
Holger Gerwien (43), Bas Verwaaien (50)
Detlef Rosenkranz (53), unknown (55)
27 t/m 32 2 Gary Wilson (12) (a hired VW!), Guy Arbefeuille (21)
Richard van Wees (26), Wayne Rippon (32)
Stephen Sudworth (34), unknown (57)
33 t/m 35 1 André Spiegel (8), Hauke Deppmeyer (41), unknown (61)
last 0 All the other cars...


Position Correct answers Sweets guessed
(correct amount was 285)
1 16 285 Vincent Wolf
2 16 296 Michael Müller
3 16 250 Andreas Henning
4 16 437 Arne Nissen
5/6 16 480 Henk Lauwaert, Richard van Wees
7/8 16 500 Martin Krose, Jürgen Naesert
9 16 600 André Spiegel
10 15 289 Gary Wilson
11 15 163 Edvards Pavlovskis
12 14 230 Richard Parlevliet
13 14 123 Koen Kinable
14 14 480 Ronald van Glabbeek
15 13 300 Wiebe Spierenburg
16 13 268 Kate Arnold
17 13 205 Lonny Becker
18 12 180 Sebastian Gothe
19 12 148 Steve Robson
20 12 500 Daniel Lemkau
21 11 285 Nico Peters wins the jar of sweets!
22 11 475 Arthur Zinn
23 10 150 Heinrich Kral
24 10 145 Wayne Rippon
25 10 450 Klaus Berkey
26 9 260 Tim Sloots
27 9 83 Roland Starren
28 8 250 Joerg Brueggemann
29 8 215 Detlef Rosenkranz
30 8 150 Jens Plaschczyk
31 8 480 Lantin
32 5 243 Stéphan Leleux
33 5 218 Guy Arbefeuille
34 4 266 Geoffrey Hespel
35 4 139 Guillaume Becourt
36 3 250 Jérôme Laberère
37 3 126 Steven Sudworth & Richard Mann
38 3 450 Eric Arbefeuille

Correct Answers
01.B Staffel (dog or cat on roof)
02.E Bad Neuenahr/ Ahrweiler ("nosy neighbour" with binoculars)
03.C Esch (wooden bus stop)
04.A Wirft (bitburger gästezimmer)
05.D Antweiler (egg on a stick)
06.E Honerath (bus stop black and white)
07.B Langenfeld (church tower)
08.A Kreuzberg (round tower)
09.D Weibern (lantern)
10.E Riedener Mühlen (gate with two wheels)
11.A Jammelshofen (small satellite dish)
12.E Lethert (one of the world's largest fully steerable radio telescopes)
13.D Rieden (small gate)
14.D Kreuzberg (cannons up the rocks)
15.C Kesseling (Mary's chapel)
16.B Kempenich (large toadstool)