Front brake drag on one side...

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Front brake drag on one side...

Post by Ade » Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:15 pm

Hi all,

I have noticed in recent days that my car does not roll when on a slight incline and upon further investigation I noticed that after a drive with relatively little braking the offside front disc is much hotter than the other three. This afternoon I removed the caliper to inspect. The drag is only slight and the pads are not glazed. (I don't yet know how the wear compares to the other side as I was cut short by the weather). I cleaned the pad retainers and filed the crap off the backing plates hoping that this may help. It didn't. Whilst I had it apart I also inspected the slide pins. They were free and well lubricated but it did occur to me that the fit of the slide pins into the holes on the bracket was a bit sloppy. Could this poor fit of the pins be causing calliper misalignment leading to this slight drag??? It is possible to free it with a tap so seems likely. If the fault was with the piston/ seal or a hydraulic issue would a tap free it? Perhaps not so easily?

Any advice welcome. Will have another look at it tomorrow weather permitting and report my findings.


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Re: Front brake drag on one side...

Post by svenska axel » Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:05 pm

sounds like the caliper is getting siezed/stiff. why its important tp be bothered to change the brake fluid every couple of years, it hydroscopic (means it absorbs water) corrodes the piston bores from inside.

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