FOR SALE: Brake Caliper Bolts 30742947

Cleaned up the garage and found some parts you want to sell? Or are you looking for that one part? You can advertise or request just about anything that has to do with the Volvo 480 in here: brochures, towing-hooks, antenna's, etc etc...

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FOR SALE: Brake Caliper Bolts 30742947

Post by jamescarruthers » Sun Mar 15, 2020 8:32 pm


On eBay but happy to let go to member on here for not much:

Skandix P/N: 103673, equivalent to Volvo P/N: 30742947 for Volvo 480 Brake Caliper (x4)
1987 Volvo 480 ES, 507274, 217 - Red (Ness)
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