Looking for: Cup Holder Support for a Centre Console Lid.

Cleaned up the garage and found some parts you want to sell? Or are you looking for that one part? You can advertise or request just about anything that has to do with the Volvo 480 in here: brochures, towing-hooks, antenna's, etc etc...

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Looking for: Cup Holder Support for a Centre Console Lid.

Post by carpediem2206 » Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:09 pm

Hi everyone,

I have been refurbishing my Green 1994 Volvo 480GT this past year or two. (It is my 3rd Volvo 480.) I am in the process of having the Driver's Door and the off side front wing replaced and hopefully having both the front and rear bumpers refurbished and sprayed at the same time.

I'm also replacing the front centre console lid. The lid that is in there at the moment (and was in the car when I bought it) has two cup holders on the front and two cup holders on the rear. Unfortunately and quite mysteriously, one of the rear cup holder supports, which hang underneath the slots has mysteriously vanished! I've no idea when or how but it has disappeared and I'm not a happy chappy!! :angry:

I intend selling the cup-holder lid as I never use the cup holders so I'd sooner replace it with an ordinary lid, which I've just bought and reinvest the money towards other necessary work.

Of course, I realise it is highly unlikely but just on the off-chance I need to ask... does anyone out there happen to have a cup holder support that I could buy, please? Perhaps someone has a Cup Holder Lid which is damaged/broken/unwanted and is just lying around in a cupboard, drawer or shelf somewhere...?
I really would be very grateful. Many thanks in anticipation...

Kind regards,

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