Ebay: Celebration 356/480

Cleaned up the garage, found parts laying around, but it turned out to be a complete Volvo 480? If you want to sell your car (480 only) you can place an advert here.

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Ebay: Celebration 356/480

Post by jifflemon » Tue Mar 30, 2021 8:35 pm

Link here

My initial thoughts:

Why was it in a scrap yard?
Rear wiper sounds like the hatch loom is broken.
Looks to be some rust on the rear arches
Those seat dents on the rear are going to take some working out.
Drivers seat looks quite bad too.
Aerial wants replacing

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Re: Ebay: Celebration 356/480

Post by dcwalker » Wed Mar 31, 2021 7:28 am

Hmm...interesting one!

Rear wiper parked position is classic indication of broken loom; the electric aerial probably gave up the ghost so was just replaced with whatever came to hand (and looks awful for it!); seats not great but some careful cleaning and nourishing would go a long way to improve things.

Agree rust is starting, but from a quick glance at the photos looks as if it caught be caught at this stage - of course, a proper inspection might say otherwise!

Original radio/cd present complete with removeable faceplate - these are so often missing. Looks as if the front splitter is gone...

Driver's seat pre-tensioner has fired (if the MOT tester is clued up and spots it, that's a fail), passenger one is ok.

One flat tyre but wheels don't look too bad - and the tyres might be ancient and so need to be changed anyway.

Needs a damn good clean everywhere; and if that rubbish along the top of the tailgate seal isn't cleared out soon, if it's true it doesn't leak at the moment it very soon will do!

Overall, and particularly given it's a Celeb, looking at the price so far, it could make a bargain buy for someone looking for a project!

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