Dark red Flaunden, herts/bucks

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Dark red Flaunden, herts/bucks

Post by 100 » Mon May 22, 2023 1:09 pm

Right, who was it?

Dark red, drove right past the end of my front garden on Sunday in Flaunden. Didn't manage to spot any details but it was a shame my 480 wasn't visible at the time!

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Re: Dark red Flaunden, herts/bucks

Post by Oscar WS » Thu May 25, 2023 2:46 pm

Hi, “100”. I believe you may have got the day wrong… or else there’s been an extraordinary coincidence. I was zipping through Flaunden area in my maroon Celebration, headlights up, testing out my newly refurbed dashboard in particular the speedo, which had been giving me problems, but this was on Saturday.

Whatever, I’m a near neighbour, in Bucks Hill.

Sounds as though we should get to know one another, if only to share our tales of 480 woes :wink:

I’ll drop you a PM with my contact details.

All the very best.

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