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Geneva spot!

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:14 am
by jamescarruthers
Long shot, but we are the club for all of Europe! Just now, 24/AUG at 1245 I saw a white 480 with black bumpers and perfect rear lights drive past me in Geneva near the Parc mon Repos on the shore ‎of what I presume is Lake Geneva.

All attempts to get phone out and photograph it were a fumbly mess!

Looked very cool and chic.‎ Anyone on here?

Re: Geneva spot!

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:11 am
by frenchfries
Hi J

I am in Geneva Sept 8-14, will keep an eye out for it :wink:

Re: Geneva spot!

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 5:24 pm
by dragonflyjewels
I believe I am right in saying that there are different sections of the forum for different languages, and Geneva speaks French, German and Italian. No idea how you get from one part to another, perhaps brinkie or robou could tell us that ?

Re: Geneva spot!

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:17 pm
by Robou
It may help to realize that the forum is part of the domain which was registered in the Netherlands in 2000 and initialized by a Dutchman. As it was not meant to be localized, English was used as main language.
Many people who knew what is going on under the hood used it for exchanging knowledge, developments, improvements and sometimes intense debates. In time everything is said though and when the same questions pop up time and again the technical part faded away.
What is left now is kind of a chatroom and one must be very English to take part in that. This may make one think the forum is English, but it was not meant to be. You have all the reason to claim your rights though, most 480's were sold in GB.