Bulbs - the definitive list

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Bulbs - the definitive list

Post by jifflemon » Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:57 am


Headlamp: H4, 60/55W
Driving Lamp: H3, 55W
Front Foglamp: H3,55W
Daylight Running Light: BAZ15d,4/21W, -Consider LED to minimise heat damage
Indicators (F+R), Rear Foglamp, Centre Brake Light: BA15s, 21W (clear indicator lense uses amber bulb, 581 BAU15S PY21W)
Sidelamp/Brake: BAY15, 21W
Side Indicator, reading lamps: WB, 5W
Courtesy lamp: S8.5, 10W
Number plate Lamp: S8.5, 5W
GloveBox Lamp: S7, 3W
Dashboard Lamp: T10 W3W, 3W
Heater Panel, Light switch panel: 286, 1.2W
Hazard Warning light: SLI-EBT 1107, .36W - Don’t use any higher wattage bulb

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Re: Bulbs - the definitive list

Post by Alan 480 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:16 pm

good stuff

now what is the correct number of LED for the info centre in the dash board :wink:

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