The waterfalls mini meet

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Re: The waterfalls mini meet

Post by dcwalker » Fri Mar 20, 2020 11:24 am

Thanks Martin

I was particularly keen for you to get to see Nilani, given she has come on quite a lot since I "relieved you "of her...I'm equally keen to see your new toy!

Let's see what can be done, pandemics, health, wives, weather etc all permitting!

All the best

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Re: The waterfalls mini meet

Post by yorkievolvo » Sat Mar 21, 2020 5:09 pm

Great day out, once the weather improved - thanks for organising it, Norm - and very informative.
Example: my scissor jack, which I believed was original equipment, turned out to be as useful as the proverbial chocolate fireguard. Without Nigel’s jack, I’d, probably, still be there!
Also, don’t drive through pools where you can’t see the bottom.
On the way home at 50 mph, I kept easing left to let the traffic pass but there was one bloke in a big off-roader who didn’t take advantage of the offer. It puzzled me a bit but when he turned off, on the outskirts of York, I saw he was towing a darn great boat!
Anyway, the ‘skinny’ got me home safely and I got a p/worn (!) tyre installed on Monday.
Now, just waiting for our French cousins to tell us when we can obtain replacement light covers.
Enjoy yourselves and stay safe: avoid the beast.

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