480 finally back on the road

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480 finally back on the road

Post by muscas » Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:46 am

Hi all,

Well 12 months after our purchase we have finally got the 480 roadworthy and has an NCT to prove it.

Lots of recommissioning items done, such as disks, pads all round, 1x Calliper, oil/filter, battery, leads, cap, plugs, replacement rear bumper support beam, wish bones, cat, exhaust, rear arch welding, radio, lots and lots of interior trim, replacement rear lights and DRL's.

Next step is a respray, but need quotes and establish what options are about. Any ideas as to typical respray costs?

Followed by a new leather interior, had in mind an alcantara roof lining with a chequered alcantara centre to the leather seats, then leather door cards and dash inserts, has anybody else gone down a similar replacement leather route?


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Re: 480 finally back on the road

Post by jifflemon » Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:02 am

A respray is possibly the single most expensive thing you can do. Depending on how much repair work needs doing, you can be looking at anywhere upwards of 40 hours work. And that’s when your staying with the same colour. The days of a “cheap blow over” are long gone!
Preparation is absolutely every. I’d expect front and rear bumpers off, bonnet, nose cone and headlamp panels all removed and painted separately. Rush the prep and you’ll end up with a poor finish.
To give you a rough idea, my quotes are starting at £2k, but that’s the starting price. I’ll be billed at an hourly rate for repair / corrections.

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Re: 480 finally back on the road

Post by brinkie » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:49 pm

Don't know what the cost of labour in the UK is, in 2002 a full respray of my Matra Murena in unicolour red cost me € 2500, including some soon-to-be-unobtainium rubber bits. Fast forward 15 years, respraying the rear panels of my 480 including welding in new wheel arches and rear bumper restoration (it was salvageable, fortunately) cost me € 1400, two layers of metallic paint and a layer of clear lacquer. The roof, doors, front wings, bonnet and nose are yet to be done.

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Re: 480 finally back on the road

Post by justtank » Mon Feb 04, 2019 2:21 pm

Good idea with the Alcantara middle, I made the mistake of black leather in the centre and alcantara on the sides. In the heat your back sticks to them :sick: Not very pleasant.

Respray in the UK your looking at £1500 ive been quoted for having my Twin Tone resprayed.

And 1000 for my Celebration to be pulled straight and affected areas redone which includes front and rear bumper and roof which somehow has dents in (god knows how that even happens, unless you have a very heavy Cat!
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