CHARTER - FORUM GUIDELINES - Please Read Before Posting

Here you can talk about the joy owning a Volvo 480 brings. Non-technical discussions take place here, like what is the difference between an ES and a S version.

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CHARTER - FORUM GUIDELINES - Please Read Before Posting

Post by Big Brother » Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:30 pm


Dear user, first of all welcome to our Volvo 480 discussion forum on the web. We have some basic rules to keep this forum tidy; this way everyone can enjoy reading threads and easily find a solution to his problem. Make sure you read these guidelines, violating them may lead to a warning, or deletion of the post without warning.

1) General discussions
2) Problem solving
3) Advertising (wanted / for sale)
4) Styling, Tuning and Tweaking
5) Meetings
6) Club announcements

1) General Discussions
When you want to discuss something that has to do with the 480 or with Volvo in general you can use the 'General Discussions' category. Please choose a meaningful subject for your post. In case you want to discuss something that has to do with other things like insurance, holidays, Audi, Top Gear or whatever please use 'The Wastegate'.

2) Problem solving
If you experience a problem with your Volvo 480 there is a certain order in which to find a solution. First you check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to see if your problem has been solved before. If there isn't a solution to your problem in the FAQ someone may have solved the problem on the forum in the past. So the second step is to use the Search-function on this forum. Try different keywords to get closer to the solution. If you find a thread that covers your problem, but there is not yet a solution you may kick it upwards by replying to the thread. If there is not yet a thread about your problem you may start a new thread. Please make sure you choose a category in the 'Volvo 480 Technical Support'-section that matches the problem as close as possible. When you post a message, make sure the message contains all information that could be relevant to solving the problem. Also make sure the subject explains what your post is about. A simple 'help me' or 'more problems' can result in deletion of the post. The more detail you provide, like what you have tried to solve the problem, the better people are able (and are willing) to help.

3) Advertising
We have two categories for advertising; one for offering / requesting Volvo 480 and one for offering / requestion Volvo 480 parts, brochures, manuals, etc. Always use a clear subject (must contain either 'FOR SALE -' or 'WANTED -' followed by what you are offering / looking for). Please be as detailed as possible in the post itself, mention the country and preferrably the city where you are, leave contact information and describe the condition of the part or car. When offering something we encourage you to post a photo.

4) Styling, Tuning and Tweaking
The Styling-category is for everyone that is interested in somehow changing the looks of the 480. This goes from painting the interior to adding bodykits or sideskirts to the car. Anything that has to do with improving the performance of the car belongs in Tuning and Tweaking

5) Meetings
This part of the forum is to inform each other about meetings that are being organised by others or meetings that you are going to arrange yourself. The forum is not intended as a discussion about 'I will come' and 'nope, cant make it'. If you plan to use the forum to keep track of attendees the person starting the thread is responsible for editing his post to keep track of those that attend. Even better is to contact Daniël (coyote1980) for an online registration form. Please do not start multiple threads about one meeting.

6) Club announcements
In case the club wants to announce something (like new functionality to the website or new products available in the webshop) we will use the Announcements and Club issues to inform you.


Other points of attention

:!: Respect
On this forum we respect each other. We do not tolerate any abusive behaviour. We do not tolerate any obscene comments or images. We do not tolerate derogatory remarks directed toward a particular member or group of members. If you are not sure, either ask a member of the moderation team or don't post it.

We all share the same passion: the Volvo 480. People from all over Europe are encouraged to use this forum in their quest for more knowledge about their car, we prefer people posting with flaws over people not posting at all. If you have problems with english you can use an online translator like Altavista Babelfish. If people don't understand you they will ask you what you mean, don't worry.

:!: Images
Do not post pictures larger than 800x600 pixels. If your image is bigger please resize it, upload it to your webserver and use the resized image. You can use the image as a thumbnail linking to the bigger image.
If you want to post an image in your message you have to make sure it is available for everyone on a webserver. Please click here to visit our help-center to see how you can post images.

:!: Avatars
Avatars are the small images you can see next to your name on the forum. Please make sure your avatar is no bigger than 80 pixels width and 80 pixels height.

:!: Subjects of your post
Subjects should always clearly state the content of your post, this is very important. You are not allowed to SHOUT in your post (i.e. to use upper case subjects). This may result in the post being removed without warning.

:!: Moderation
If the forum moderators are informed of a post which may be deemed illegal or defamatory, the moderators reserve the right to review the post. If the thread degrades, we will take appropriate action. That may include removing the threads or posts involved. Any person who feels that a posted message is objectionable or otherwise breaches the terms of this agreement is encouraged to contact us immediately by using the in-topic reporting which will alert a member of the forum staff.

:!: Last But Not Least
While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators, webmaster (except for posts by these people)

Thank you for your attention. Rules are something that most despise, but by following these guidelines the forum will remain a valuable asset to the Volvo 480 community even in the distant future!