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Here you can post things about ICE (In Car Entertainment). Like how to install GPS navigation, a DVD-player and other yuppie-stuff. This category might be moved to "those other things" in the end...

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In Car Dvd, Get What You Pay For,

Post by raissazhou02 » Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:22 pm

hey guys, i've been looking around at getting a tv/dvd for my car, and i'm just not sure how to go about things!
i've already got a decent amp and sub, but need a head deck. the stock one in there has shat itself and wont play or give me my cd's back!! i wasn't going to change the stereo, wanted to just leave it stock, but this has promted it, hence buying the sub and amp to go with a head deck i don't have yet! haha
now, to get something decent, im looking at $1000 up to $3000!! obviously the price varies with features/brand etc.
the thing is, i wasn't even gong to get a stereo for the car as the stock system is bose and is pretty good quality surprisingly. so anything better than this in an aftermarket stero i'll be happy with.

now with the tv/dvd, i prob wont be watching it 95% of the time so i don't really care for picture quality,
however what im interested in is: when buying a cheap (sht brand) dvd/player, is the sound quality compromised greatly?
i've been looking on ebay and you can get these things for like 300-400. this is for basic as though, not singled in, not motorised etc! has anyone bought/used/heard of these and how they go. ive heard things like they're not reliable, and seeking through songs takes too long!! any experience with these??

on the other hand, i was thinking just go fork out the extra bit and spend 600ish for the JVC KD-AVX2, it only has a 3.5" display and doesn't have the flip out screen but a friend of mine has one in his supra and the features on it are really good and i can't fault the quality or reliability! then if im still not satisfied, i can buy a flip out screen to go with in the future!
any suggestions people???

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Post by dubstep » Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:16 am

i really cant see the point in having TV/DVD in your car!

Would be good to have sat nav built in though

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Post by DeLorean » Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:50 am

I can't imagine trying to watch a DVD in a rattly old 480! heh!

Honest advice, I know someone who bought an expensive Pioneer one with a flip out screen and it was rubbish. Sounded shit, rubbish picture, horrible unpredictable touch screen etc thats hard to use whilst driving. He removed it and fitted the standard stereo back in after around a week.

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Post by M D E » Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:07 pm

Check out a seller called eonon on eBay, I have found his screens are very good quality, never had any problems. The software the headunits use is very basic but the screen picture is very good for around £150. You have to look closely at the spec. of each unit as some high resolution screens are only alittle more £££ than the low resolution ones. Have also found some 5.1 headunits give a very clear sound ...
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