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Vibration from front wheels

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:52 am
by Swanny
Hi all,

I'm pretty sure all 480s are a bit noisy in the suspension department, but mine seems to be getting worse lately, most noticeably at 20-30mph when driving through villages on way to work. The vibration only seems to be when the clutch is engaged, so I'm thinking drive shafts, if I coast it sounds silent, almost. I can feel the vibration in the wheel and through the accelerator pedal. I took the front wheels off yesterday to have a quick look around; the left side driveshaft makes a slight knock when I twist it by hand so there's a tiny bit of play in it, but it's hard to determine whether or not this will have any effect when driving. Should it be solid or is this normal? When I say vibration, it reminds me of when the water pipes in your house make a noise, it's not a 'wobble' type vibration but more of a 'hum' that's getting worse. Passed MOT this month by some miracle so at least I have time to suss this one out. As always, any input/advice greatly appreciated. Cheers,