Front and rear shock dust covers

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Front and rear shock dust covers

Post by andyb2000 » Sat Jun 18, 2022 1:51 pm

Hello all,
Going to be a few posts as I ramp up replacing parts on my 480 2.0 1994 edition.

This one I made a mistake, ended up getting in all the parts I thought I needed (Meyle front wishbones, Maxgear shocks, Monroe springs) and was about to load them up on my hydraulic spring compressors then realised I've not got top mounts (in fairness they are ok, but if replacing the rest I'm thinking I should do them) but worst of all, I've forgotten the shock absorber dust covers!

I've been unstuck on these before on other cars so want to get them right rather than bodging the wrong ones on!
Has anyone found any correct fitting ones for our front and rear?

Front from autodoc look right:
No sign of rear

Top mounts (no right ones seem in stock anywhere?) ... media=COPY

I've also searches polar parts, eBay, autodoc, so I'm struggling now! Any pointers would be welcomed.

Thanks for all your help! - Andy
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Re: Front and rear shock dust covers

Post by jifflemon » Sat Jun 18, 2022 5:07 pm

Do NOT replace the front ones. The replacements are substandard at best, whereas the Volvo ones are indestructible!

As for top mounts, well, same rule applies; it’s very easy to fall into the parts cannon trap (May as well replace it whilst I’m here!) but a quick search on here will give you results of folks whose troubles began AFTER changing their strut tops…

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