Brakes & suspension similarities/differences ABS v non ABS

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Brakes & suspension similarities/differences ABS v non ABS

Post by chubbraa » Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:00 pm

Having been the owner of two 480s for the last 7 years (& been a member of this forum for nearly as long); I thought it was about time I embarked on some serious restoration work and post my 1st question:

Are there any differences between the brake callipers, carriers, discs & suspension components on an early 92’ ES without ABS compared with a later 94’ ES with ABS?

Visually they both appear to be the same and a quick look through my parts catalogue shows only 1 version of the front & rear (2.0L) brake assemblies and, unless I’m mistaken, the only difference between the ABS & non-ABS cars are the rear discs themselves.

If they are compatible I plan to use refurbished parts stripped from my earlier (non ABS)92 ES to overhaul the brakes and suspension on my later ABS equipped car.

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