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ABS and Brake problem?

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:47 pm
by Carlos84
First of all, i would like to make a short presentation about my self. My name is Carlos, 28 year old, Owner of a Volvo 480 Turbo from ´91 with 158000 Km.......And since 2 days ago, very sad.......

Last week was revision week for my Volvo 480, everything was fine but 3 days ago driving back to home, when I pressed the Brake pedal the ABS and (!) light bulbs turned on on the dash. A part form the lights, the brake pedal souds like if were some kind of pressure loosing somewhere.....

Rapidly i went to my Volvo Garage where they told me that the failure is really seriuos, The Pressure Sphere... Does anyone has an idea? The told me that is a sphere that accumulates pressure ir order to suministrate it to the brake system, it seems to have very few pressure and that´s why the bulbs tunr on few seconds...

I need help! Any idea?

Re: ABS and Brake problem?

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 7:58 pm
by glasgowjim
Your car will have the older version of the abs system with the controller in the boot cubby (left hand side at rear near the electric aerial.).

If so when you open the bonnet the abs unit will have a black sphere on top that is what I think they are talking about.

Probably the best thing to do if this is the case is to replace the abs pump unit with reservoir a one complete part.

Hope this helps but it is a long time since I had an older version of abs.