Residual Pressure Valves

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Residual Pressure Valves

Post by martinholmesuk » Wed Jan 16, 2008 11:51 am

Yesterday I picked up one of these...


If you want one for the 480 then your need 1 (maybe 2 depending on year) and fit it into the rear brake line.

1 X or maybe 2 X RPV1
2psi- 1/8NPTF tappings
£27.35 (Excluding VAT at 17.5%)

2 X FMB2511

2 X TN1-3L

2 X 3/8 UNF end cap unions (from your local motor place)

There are some good comments on the spitfire forum and I'm using a 10psi valve but 480's need a 2psi.

More at ... /index.asp , Up to you if it's a good idea for a 480 but on drums I can see it being helpful and already in use on some. Thought you might like to know.


PS:- The prices are higher on the website then I paid when standing in the shop. I got all the above + some unions for £21.
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