God Bless Ebay!

Brakepads, discs, handbrake. The brakes are crucial for your Volvo 480. Use this category to learn all you need to know!

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God Bless Ebay!

Post by ReVolvoLution » Mon Jun 19, 2006 1:07 pm

Thanks to a very nice guy named cgs100 (cheers again if your reading this :wink: ) I ended up spending saturday afternoon fitting new disk's and pads to the front of the turbo in the pissing down rain, which was quite refreshing as it happens :D

Didnt know that Unipart Disk's were actually made by Brembo too! Came as a nice little surprise when i was bolting them down and noticed the emblem and name embosed all around the outter edge

Fluid change is next on the list of jobs and hopefully it'll stay dry this time! After all the gorgeous weather we've had of late... trust it to piss down as soon as i start to jack the deamon 480 up ! ! ! !
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Post by guitarcarfanatic » Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:58 pm

Good job!

Ive just got back from Crete and the weather has been nice for the past 2 weeks while I have been away and now it rains today! Luckily the weather was ok yesterday and I finished rubbing down my bumper and now have it primed up and ready to be sprayed! Just awaiting delivery of my paint and lacquer I ordered from an online paint company who are meant to be pretty good. Didnt like the dodgy way halfords do their mixing...I watched them mixing up soem guys paint and it didnt seem like they were following the exact measurements very well!
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