Wiring diagram for original equaliser/amplifier?

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Wiring diagram for original equaliser/amplifier?

Post by 084ovlov » Thu Dec 25, 2003 12:08 pm

My 88 was equipped originally with Volvo radio/cassette (CE-702/5), with speakers in the doors. In addition an original Volvo equaliser EQ-611/7 was placed in the centerconsol and an amplifier (possibly a HA-4020) placed under the right front seat, connected to additional speakers beside the backseats.

I have the wiring for the radio/antenna and so on, but not for the additional packets, Do any one have this additional wiring diagram or any tips?

The equaliser was connected to the stereo with a circular six pin plug and “+/- and the amplifier with a circular eight pin plug. This last plug is now missing. There are seven cables from the amplifier to the radio; two tick black, different blue and so on.

I still have the original radio, but think it was something wrong with it, any how it is replaced by a Pioneer Radio/CD. This works OK, but I would like to add the amplifier with the speakers in the back and may be the equaliser.

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Post by volvofox » Thu Dec 25, 2003 7:36 pm

I think you'll have to ask your official volvo dealer. The electrical schedule we can download at dragons web site does't really mention the contens.of the radio.

By the way I like your mirrored nickname verry much. I used to call my old 300 this way :D

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Post by 084ovlov » Fri Dec 26, 2003 12:43 pm

Thanks, I guess the right forward nickname Volvo 480 was taken!

Well, I used some hours at Volvo earlier this week, but it didn’t help… They gave me the diagram for stereo, antenna and front speakers, but not for the additional equipment. They couldn’t find it, but gave me diagrams for 960 or something. It is not at all similar, because this car has to amplifiers; one in front and one back.


May be one has to open up both the amplifier and the equaliser and dry to find some info inside? Do every body with original speakers in the back, have this amplifier?

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Post by C6REW » Sun Dec 28, 2003 10:23 am

Hi 084ovlov,

The equaliser was an optional upgrade totally independant of the rear speakers.

It you take the equaliser apart you are very unlikely to find further information other than what might be on a label externally. Taking apart would only be of use if you are electronically minded and can trace the circuit to find out what does what. However, you mention upgrading the stereo to a Pioneer CD. I suggest that this is likely to be of better quality than the equaliser anyway.

Equalisers where a simple way of getting better bass and treble control from an external unit in the days when these settings required a lot more circuitry. I would be more inclined to include a sub woofer if you really want to improve the stereo.

With regards to the rear speakers this will be a simple operation of extending the cables from your stereo under the carpets and into the rear. You can either follow the original pattern of putting in the side panels like so:

http://volcano.photobucket.com/albums/v ... kers_2.jpg

Or follow some others example of remaking the rear shelf and putting in there.



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Post by 084ovlov » Wed Jan 07, 2004 2:37 pm

Hi again,
and thanks for the advises.

I think the old original stereo is incredible. So advanced; so many cables. In the end I did find the missing plug form the amplifier under the dashboard. This means it is around 15 cables from the amplifier to the stereo and 8 more form the equaliser.
If one really one have an original car from the 80thies, with radio/cassette, its nice.

Vel, now the four speakers are simply connected to a CD player and with the same effect. Maybe boring, but it works for now…

Best regards.

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