LED day running lights

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LED day running lights

Post by dxi310 » Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:37 pm

Can anyone recomend suitable tried and tested LED replacement BAZ15d bulbs for my 1995 480 Celebration

The lenses were looking dull and the bulb holders effected by heat ( i have all ready replaced 1 bulb holder) so i purchased bulbs from Ebay but they seemed to stop the pop ups working.

At present driving without DRL so any advise appreciated - dont mind paying top price for bulbs that work properly


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Re: LED day running lights

Post by brinkie » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:14 pm

Avoid the cheap Chinese stuff like the plague. I mean these:
They overheat and the LEDs are of poor quality, so the result is...

I have now replaced them with a pair of these, but they started to flicker as well :(

The best stuff are the ones with a built-in LED driver, most just have a resistor that limits current. I have noticed that the choice of warm-white LEDs (the yellowish-white that resembles regular light bulbs, not the blueish-white that attracts police and will cause MOT failure) is extremely limited and expensive in BAZ15d socket. You could try and replace the DRL socket (3 pins) by "normal" 2 pin sockets and put a bright LED bulb in which are very cheap in BA15s (single filament) socket. So you only have to turn on the parking lights and the lamp will be brightly lit.

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