Timing belt change 1994 2.0 B20F

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Timing belt change 1994 2.0 B20F

Post by andyb2000 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:24 pm

Hi folks,
So me and my daughter are trying to slowly get our barn find 1994 480ES up and running. Next job is the timing belt as it's not been ran for years and sat about it seems a decent precaution.

We've got the belt cover off (couple of those bolts are awkward to get at! Engine bay doesn't leave a lot of room) and looking at it the access to replace the belt and tensioner looks almost impossible on RHD due to the proximity to the bodywork. I've seen the post in the HOWTO but with missing photos this is tricky. Anyone offer any suggestions before I buy the kit. Ebay have the INA belt set including belt, idler and tensioner:
So think that's the job next to set it and replace, see how we get on!

Thanks in advance folks.
Thanks for all your help! - Andy
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Re: Timing belt change 1994 2.0 B20F

Post by brinkie » Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:48 am

Try the cheapest kit out of Conti, Gates and SKF. INA is usually a tad more expensive and offers no quality advantage compared to the aforementioned three.

When you are changing the timing belt, change the water pump (they are cheap, 20-30 quid) and the alternator belt(s) as well (depends on whether you have a/c or not, which one(s) you need), and check the crankshaft pulley. The B20F = Renault F3R engine has a pulley with a damper. and when the damper breaks (piece of rubber), your alternator belt will slip off or rip to pieces. New ones are available, because parts supply of Renault is many orders of magnitude better than Volvo.

Here are some references for the pulley:
Volvo 3345026 (of course unavailable)
Renault 77 00 109 260 = 77 00 738 072 = 82 00 458 960
Vaico V46-0009
Corteco 80001727
INA 544008410
Quinton Hazell QCD22
Skandix 1054742
Bolt to fix the pulley (26.2mm diameter, M12x1.25, 45mm long, tighten with 95 Nm)
Volvo 3086259-6, 3121635-8, 3287633-6
Renault 77 00 739 905 = 82 00 689 705
Febi Bilstein 19499
Opel 4404 389
General Motors 09112389
Skandix 1011716

Good luck :)

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Re: Timing belt change 1994 2.0 B20F

Post by Alan 480 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:40 pm

When undoing teh front nut on the crankshaft b eprepared for it to be 'oh my goodness'.

I used a wheel wrench type as it had a slide out extension and was six sided so giving a nice secure fit!! (actually had it modifed by teh welders at work so it was a right angle to give a better 'pull' and you will need i tin gear with brake on, or get an air whizzy / electric impact gun to free it off. (I struggled to remove first time but a windy gun wheeched it loose in a second or so :hopping: )

I made an extra scribe mark on top of the cover to make th camshaft alignment more obvious.

When you come to refit the belt there are often white marks on the timing belt, these allow an extra degree on sureity that you have the timing correct. :wink:

don't worry about there not being a key-way on the bottom alternator drive etc, and note that the key way on the crankshaft pulley DOES NOT line up up TDC/etc, no idea why it doesn't :?

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