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480 Club Europe (Jun)

Luxembourgmeeting 2011

The weekend of June 17-19 was chosen to visit Luxembourg another time. June because we tried to increase our chances of great weather and Luxembourg because of the central position within Europe, plus the fact that it had been a great place to hold meetings in the past. The location has indeed been wonderful, but the weather forecast during the week before the meeting made our blood run cold: rain, storm and low temperatures... Not what we had in mind for a Volvo 480 event!

But then the meeting itself started. On Friday some members arrived to enjoy a nice Friday on the campingsite or in the hotel. On the campingsite the clubtent and partytents were build up so that everyone could sit dry in case of bad weather. Luckily there wasn't too much rain so in the end a campfire was started and the storytelling began!

The pictures of Friday.

The real worry was Saturday, the main day for the meeting. Today we would be touring through the wonderful Luxembourg scenery, with opportunities to visit castles and typical villages, and conclude the day with an outdoor barbecue. All this would go to waste in case it kept raining. But we were in luck again (as every year): the weathergods favoured us this meeting! Yes, there was rain, but also many dry (and even sunny) intervals. And just before the barbecue the skies opened and we were greeted to a big shiny sun and blue skies.

As always the participants were contenders in our puzzletour, everyone gave it their best, the best three contenders in 2011 were a real surprise after Henk Lauwaert managed to win the first prize every year for the last few years:
  1. Leo Oudenaarden
  2. Andre Green
  3. Henk Lauwaert

It was nice to see everyone enjoyed the tour and the puzzles.

After the price ceremony the barbecue started, there really was more than enough to eat and drink for everyone. Afterwards another evening around the campfire started which lasted until 4 AM for some...

The pictures of Saturday.

On Sunday it was time to clean up the grounds and check out of the hotel or camping and say goodbye to old and new friends. We hope all of you have enjoyed this meeting and that you will be back for more! A big thank you to all the participants without whom this meeting could never be succesful.

See you and your shiny machines on a next meeting!

Team Volvo 480 Club Europe