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480 Club Europe (May)

480 Club Europe 2009 - Maymeeting

In 2009 it is 10 years since the Volvo 480 Club Europe organised its first meeting. The weekend of May 15-17 2009 the German Eifel was the stage of a nice weekend-meeting. About 25 Volvo 480 showed up, including their owners of course. It was a superb weekend where even the weather was on our side (most of it).

Friday was the opportunity for people coming from far to checkin at their accomodation and enjoy a drink together with fellow 480 drivers. At the campingsite we had provided shelter from the rain by setting up a pavillion. Both familiair and new faces were present, and lots of stories were exchanged, making the evening to a success.

The Saturday was, as usual, the main day of the meeting. A nice tour through the Eifel scenery had been set out and, together with the route instructions, everyone received an answer form for the questions and treasure hunt that needed solving along the way. The tour started in Stadtkyl and lead through villages as Blankenheim, Birgel and Jünkerath to end again in Stadtkyl. To collect (or lose) points your driving skills were tested on a special course.

After having passed castles and abbeys the tour ended where it started. The total scores for all contenders were calculated. Interesting to see that our traditional first prize winner 'only' became second this year (conclusion: yes! you too can actually win!). The winners of the 2009 Treasure Hunt were:
  1. Maurice Joren (86 points)
  2. Henk Lauwaert (79 points)
  3. Roland Starren (78 points)
  4. Ronald van Glabbeek (75 points)
  5. Kevin Rietman (74 points)
  6. Fabian Spierings (63 points)
  7. Karsten Müler (63 points)
  8. Richard Parlevliet (60 points)
  9. Klaus Berkey (57 points)
  10. Detlef Rosenkranz (55 points)
  11. Ronald Leurs (36 points)

Meanwhile in restaurant Gusto a buffet with indoor barbecue had been prepared. Even though it was dry outside it was too cold to be sitting outside, but lucky for us two cooks put their 'best food forward' for us using their grillplates!

Those looking for a nice evening joined together on the campsite premises where again more drinks and stories were shared.

On Sunday it was time to say goodbye to all fellow 480 drivers that were still present. At noon the last remaining participants decided to end the weekend with a sporty match! Well, minigolf... After that the last persons remaining went to a bird-of-prey show at a nearby castle: the Adler- und Wolfspark in Gerolstein. It has once again been an excellent clubmeeting!

We thank everyone for their presence and hope all of you have had a good time. We hope to see you all on our next meeting!

Team Volvo 480 Club Europe