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Ardennes 2003

Saturday evening, June 21st, some of the participants of the meeting arrived at a small grassfield next to a cheesefarm in the Flemish Ardennes (South of Gent).

We had a wonderfull night with a BBQ, drinks and a lot of fun:

One caravan and about 9 tents plus inhabitants and cars have spent the night on the grass. meeting

The kids of Marcel and Yvonne woke us up at about 7 o'clock and cleaned the area ;-)

More and more 480's came... In totall more than 20 cars showed up. :

The the moment came that we had a small tour in the cheesefarm and tasted some cheese and milk:

Then we drove to a parkinglot to line-up our cars :

Bakke's new car. Just finished (most of the work) on saturday to be able to show her to us:

After a nice tour (just driving in a queue and not knowing where we were driving to...) throught the countryside we've ended in a restaurant where had a nice meal.

Thanks to amazone480, Bakke480, Gremlin480, magiq480turbo and Vinciente480GTTurbo for their pictures. And off course thanks to Pieter for organising the meeting and to all of us for being there.

See you all on the next meeting.
greetings, Bastiaan (Bep)