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Ibbenbürentreffen 2001

Friday 22nd of june 2001... It was the first day of the second German 480 meeting, this year in Ibbenbüren. We were supposed to meet at a 'Gaststätte' near Ibbenbüren. For some foreigners a nice oppiortunity to put their 480 to a velocity you would be severely punished for in your own country...
The surroundings of Ibbenbüren were very nice, a lot of green, a lot of hills and nicely curved roads where you can make excellent use of the handling of the car. It's almost impossible to let the car break out of a curve.

Friday in the evening we had all had dinner at the gaststätte. A lot of talk about the 480 over dinner was just what we expected. Afterwards it was time to go to the camping or hotelroom and get some rest. We had seen some extraordinary cars by now, like a black 480 with bodykit and white stripes over the bonnet and a pink 480!

Saturday a tour was set out by Jürgen and Martina. It was a great opportunity to view the scenery and, of course, drive the car through this beautiful part of Germany. During the tour questions had to be answered. They varied from questions of the scenery to technical questions about motorbikes we saw in the motorbikemuseum and the 480. I'm sure everyone enjoyed this day! At the end there was a buffet in the Gaststätte where we started. This day we had seen some more 'bizarre' cars, like a pink 480...
After the buffet it was again time to hit the road and go back to the camping. After a good night of sleep sunday had arrived. Today we had a little tour and we visited the tractor-museum. This was the last chance to view a large collection of 480-ies.

All together it was big fun and everything was very well organized. I can only recommend everyone to sign up for this meeting, only then you can really see what you have missed.